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Events and Festivals 2014

Along the year we have celebrations and events of all kinds. In 2014 we scheduled:

  • 24th of Decembre: Cagada del Tió.
  • 31st of Decembre: New Year’s Eve dance
  • 5th of January: The Three Magi enter our town
  • Febuary: Carnaval.
  • 21st of June: II Smuggler’s Hike (nocturn).
  • 22nd of June de junio: XXIV International Smuggler’s Hike
  • 23d of June: Bonfire ofSanJuan, anddancefestival.
  • 24 th of June: Small folk festival, Mass and blessing of the "terma" in Sant Joan de Cornudell and Sardana in the Plaza Mayor.
  • 5th of July: Núria-Queralt Traverse
  • 11th of July: Gathering in the Sanctuary of Montgrony. It dates back to 1918, when there was a strong flu that disrupted the village life, and that is why it was promised to walk to Montgrony each year.
  • 13d of July: Mountain race ‘Kilian Jornet Space’.
  • 26 th of July: Folk festival of Sant Jaume, Clot del Moro area.
  • 2nd of August: Hunters feast; Bouncy castles, hunters high tea with neighbors from Castellar, dance into the evening.
  • 6th of August: Walk to the viewpoint ofPuinersto place a Senyera banner.
  • 9 th of August: Popular dences on the Main Square
  • 10 th of August: Watch the phenomenon of the yearly falling stars from Plaça del Castell. We call this ‘Lágrimas de Sant Llorenç’.
  • 14 th of August: Fairy Tails.
  • 15 th of August: Recital ofCatalan songs.
  • 16 th of August: Sardanas with Foment Montgrí and Cerdà Dance. Gratitude to the dancing couples and dance at dusk.
  • 17th of August: Foam party.
  • 20th of August: Walk to Montgrony.
  • 22th of August: Party in the Erola neighborhood. Games for children and hot chocolate.
  • 23th of August: Ascension to Red Roc, placement of the Senyera banner. Singing and dancing at dusk.
  • 31th of August: 52th International Shepherd Dog Contest
  • 11th of September: Catalan national Day
  • 26 th of September: San Miquel Folk Festival. Disco music and dancing.
  • 27 th of September: San Miquel Folk Festival. Dancing into the Evening.
  • 28 th of September: San Miquel Folk Festival. Championship ‘Truc’ Card Game andParcheesi.
  • 29 th of September: San Miquel Folk Festival. Animation on the streets, sung Holy Office Foment del Montgrí band, Sardanas and Cerdà Dance.


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