Festival of Sant Miquel

The festival honours St. Michael on 28 and 29 of September. Main events are the Cerdà Dance, the Holy Office in honor of St. Michael, hearing and dancing Sardana and dancing at night.

The Cerdà Dance is a dance of the region of Cerdanya and already mentioned in the sixteenth century. This variant of the ‘Ball Pla’ primarily danced in all bigger folk festivals of the Pyrenean regions between Ripollès and Pallars.

The Cerdà Dance was a traditional dance in many Catalan towns until the twentieth century. It is not known whence its name comes from, although it is speculated that the name could derive from the word ‘Cerdanya’.

The origin of the current dance is set in the seventeenth century as other dances in the same cadence and plotting, but scholars believe it originated in the transformation of a primitive dance that would hint to a solar hymn.

It has been kept over time almost without major alterations and is all danced by couples from Castellar de n'Hug.

If you want to live a simple but very authentic folk festival, Castellar de n'Hug awaits you!


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