Autumn and Mushrooms

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After the summer, gradually autumnal colors begin to appear.
Trees and shrubs magically change their colors into green yellows, reds and ... brown. In late October trees are almost bare, and a carpet of leaves in reddish and brown colors covers grounds of forests and meadows of Castellar de n'Hug.

What a flash of color!!!

With the appearance of mushrooms in autumn, a Catalan national sport enters its peculiar "Championship”: To go on a mushroom foray.

It is also a proof of this country valuing and loving the natural environment and that they like to enjoy it.

In Castellar de n'Hug you can always ask for advice on where you can find mushrooms. Some always reply with diplomatic kindness ... "The forest is full of them!!!"

We invite you to enjoy the mushrooms, reminding you that the maintenance and improvement of natural areas are a daily, collective work and responsibility of us all.

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SafetyTips in order not to get lost:

  • Plan the trip well.
  • Before leaving, take into account the weather.
  • If the forecast is not good, In the mountains, the weather can worsen
  • Adapt your luggage (clothing, shoes ...) to the activity and carry with you a mobile phone.
  • Go to the forest wearing bright-colored clothing like yellow, it facilitates finding you in case of
  • It is advisable to bring some food, such as dried fruit and water.
  • Better do not go alone. You should know well the area where you go to find mushrooms, and it’s Access routes.
  • It's good to have benchmarks such as: where you have parked your car, an electric line or a
  • Don’t stay until the last moment.
  • Have in mind how long it takes you to come back, in order to not be in the forest after dark.
  • If necessary, call the emergency teams, via free call 112.
  • Once informed of your position, do not move the site until the arriving of the search department.
  • Be very careful with collecting and identifying mushrooms. Not identifying them correctly may be cause of mushroom poisoning.


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