Mountain Climbing


The location of Castellar de n'Hug situated in the Natural Park and Axial Prepyrinees provides access to the surrounding peaks. It’s an excellent starting point for your hikes.

Puigllançada (2409m.) - 3,86 Km

A modest peak, but an iconic one! It’s conical silhouette can be seen from the counties Berguedà, Bages and from the Cerdanya. It lies both among Tosa d'Alp and Puigmal. As it is quite separated from the neighboring mountains, it gives a formidable 360º view of the Prepyrinees, Pyrenees, Ripoll, Alt Berguedà and Cerdanya.
Easily achieved by either side it is visited throughout the year. We propose to climb up Pla de l’Anyella. Gentle slopes where you can find some snow, an ideal for start for the use of snowshoes.

Backpack, shoes and appropriate clothing is required. Also food and water.

Ascensi Puigllanaada


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