International Smuggler's Route

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The International Smuggler’s Hike is hold since 1991 and takes place between Castellar de n'Hug (Berguedà-Catalonia) and Osseja (Alta Cerdanya-Northern Catalonia).

We want to recall an activity that helped people survive in our area. Almost everybody in our place could live thanks to smuggling besides their normal jobs. It helped the border towns in the Pyrénées in difficult times, where smuggling was almost a way of life in a harsh environment like ours.

The Walk runs between Castellar de n'Hug (Berguedà - Catalonia) Osseja (Alta Cerdanya - Northern Catalonia) (alternatively each year) from the heights of 1214 m. (Osseja) and 1386 m. (Castellar de n'Hug), passing through the highest point of 2110 m. (Coll de Bassa), a total of about 22 km.

It takes place every weekend before Saint John’s day.

On Saturdays we do the nocturnal hike, on Sunday the same route but by day.



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