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Enjoy the mountain safely

Mountains have many attractions and a wide range of possibilities for all kinds of activities throughout the year. But they have to be accompanied by good security. In fact, in recent years our firefighters have increased considerable their activity in our area.

In order to avoid possible accidents, it is important that practitioners are aware that planning hikes and activities demand preventive measures. Likewise, it is also vital to be aware of the good physical and mental condition according to the level of activity.

In case of inexperience, contact an entitled guide in order to do the activity safely, it will also give you a greater value as an experience getting to know the environment more deeply.



Before you leave, check the weather forecast and possible changes. Don’t do your planned activity if the forecast is bad.

Plan your activity and have with you a guide and a route map.

Walk always accompanied or, in case that it’s not possible, keep someone informed about the planned activity.

Mountaineering requires preparation; be trained and informed.

Use appropriate materials and equipment for the activity.

In case of accident, notify emergency services through 112. Keep calm.

Respect the signs of danger.


During the activity

If you're in a group, always keep in touch with others.

Set benchmarks along the way, so that you can stay oriented.

Drink water and eat some energetic food.

If you are cold, do not forget to walk.

In case of accident: Call 112


What do have you to say?

Number of injured persons and their ages.
Where? What happened?
Is the injured person conscious, does he bleed and breathe?
Weather conditions at the accident site.


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